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Intro post/Public lecture series

Hey everyone! I've been lurking for a while on this community and thought I'd post now I had something resembling content!

I'm Eni, I'm a first year PhD student at Queen Mary, working on Behavioural and Sensory Ecology and intend to be a mad academic until the day I retire! I'm slightly overobsessed with bees (and wasps), which is probably a good thing as it's what I work on!

So...in case anyone's interested, the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences at Queen Mary is running a series of public lectures on Wednesday evenings throughout February. These form the Lesley Goodman lecture series in conjunction with the Royal Entomological Society and are targeted at a general, non-academic audience. The overall theme is the world through the eyes of insects.

Full details here on the QMUL website.

Lectures at 6pm each Wednesday, in the Skeel Lecture Theatre at QMUL. There's plenty of space so it's not really necessary to reserve a place.
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