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YouTube video contest! attention anyone who has ever wanted to make media!

I'm helping put on a great YouTube contest for the Gulf Islands Film and Television School! There are really awesome prizes available, so read on for more info!

Have you ever wanted to make films? Ever thought about doing a documentary, a comedy, an animation, designing your own computer game or doing special effects?? Do you want to act? Are you a musician who would love to make music for the big screen??

Well the Gulf Islands Film and Television School can help you make your dreams a reality, and get you a jump-start on the career you want! The school was made to help anyone over the age of 13 learn how to make their own films, start to finish, in 6 days! You get great experience that can help you get a real job making real movies when you're older, and it's a great way to build your resume!

On may 1st the Gulf Islands film and television school will be
launching a youtube channel! The channel will feature Gifts classics, films by
students and alumni and a really awesome contest for independent filmmakers!
For 7 weeks GIFTS will be giving away a scholarship a week to a lucky winner! All you have to do is submit a film to our youtube group at . Your film can be anything! A movie you made, a sketch, a poem or a song you wrote, you talking about why you want to go to GIFTS...anything! Even if you don't have access to a video camera or webcam you can make us a video with Windows Movie Maker (on PC) or IMovie (on Mac) with just text and music, or even pictures you've taken! IT just has to have creative potential and be made entirely by you! At the end of the contest the video with the most views will get a grand prize of either a vacation with surfing lessons OR a new laptop with editing software OR a new DV camera (or, if more than one person helped make the film, $1000 to split)

Check it out at ...if you like it subscribe to the channel and join the group, and tell everyone you know!

If you want to find out more look at contest details at
watch the video at
join the youtube group
add us on myspace!!
or find out about programs offered at

x-posted a lot, sorry!
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