our plucky heroine (stateofwonder) wrote in university_lon,
our plucky heroine


Hello all,

I'm starting the application processes for grad school (ahh!), and two of the programmes I've been considering are the MA Gender Studies at SOAS, and the MSc Gender, Development and Globalisation at LSE. I'm primarily interesting in addressing sexual and reproductive health and rights, and gender based violence in sub-Saharan Africa, from a development perspective. Both programs seem to suit me for different reasons -- SOAS because of the African focus, obviously, and LSE because of the emphasis on development. Does anyone have experience/opinions on these programs or the schools in general?

(I'm also thinking about the University of Sussex's Gender and Development programme, not in London though!)

I'm also not 100% clear on the difference between an MA and MSc (I'm Canadian and things are a little different back home). Are they basically the same thing, or is there a difference in teaching method, or what?

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